Wednesday Wisdom

Hi, guys!

I just watched this short video on BigThink about Ethan Hawke’s thoughts on the power of speech, integrity, and how Donald Trump uses this power. A very thought-provoking piece to stimulate your mind. Watch it and let me know what you guys think!

Have a great day and happy hump day!

<3, jewlz

Tip Tuesday 

So the other day I went to the market (or grocery store as my friend once corrected me on) and bought some pickles. Because you know, every once in a while you just need a jar of pickles in your life, right? Anyway, I got back home and wanted to crack open the jar of tangy goodness, but I realized my poor little T-Rex arms didn’t have the strength!


Haha! Anyhow since that day, I have attempted to open that jar with all my might every day. Every day, I tell you! I have tried multiples attempts and methods including using my feet strength to hold down the jar while I try to twist the lid off (don’t judge!), but all attempts have failed! Until this! I googled: How to open a tight jar. I mean, for anyone who knows me should know that I google everything. I think it’s a blessing that we can look up anything in less than 5 seconds, including images of how to open a tight jar.

Image from:
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But basically I tried multiple methods including the wacking the jar with a butter knife method, the running water method, I even contemplated the rubber band method, but I don’t know why I’ve never heard of the rubber gloves method! Brilliant! Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve concluded I am now a happy camper who can happily access and snack on pickles for the week. Hope my struggles can help any of you who may be having the same real life problems! 🙂
<3, jewlz

60 Years

The other night I admitted a patient whose family was at the bedside including his wife. These lovely people were asking the doctor how long the patient’s hospital stay would be because they had an event planned to celebrate the couple’s 60th anniversary. 60 years! Of course, the doctor said there is no timeframe we can give which is true because a person’s course of stay is dependent on so many different factors and events that can occur. I couldn’t help but think to myself and hope that the patient will be able to get out of the hospital by their anniversary. I mean, 60 years of being with someone is a long time and something many couples cannot even come close to. Later after the rest of the family left besides my patient’s wife, I was having a conversation with her, congratulating them and we started talking about how it’s such a shame nowadays how easily people get divorced. And I couldn’t agree more! I feel that people now don’t take the meaning of marriage for what it stands for nearly as much as they should. I too, come from a divorced marriage and grew up my whole life being raised by my mom. My grandparents are divorced. My sister already in a second marriage. I know what it’s like being raised by a single parent and I have always believed that I will never get married until I absolutely know I can be with the same person until the end of time.

Even though I am about to turn 30 in one month, I am not scared or sad at the fact that I haven’t found my “one”. I think it’s sad when I meet other females who get so caught up in the fact that they are not married yet and with a family by a certain age. This is just society owning your life and your thoughts as to what is “right” for YOUR life. If you haven’t met your life partner, then it’s just not the right time. And I have complete faith that the right guy will come along at the right time for me and I am 100% content that I haven’t found him yet. Or that he hasn’t found me yet. 🙂

I am loving my life right now and using my time with myself to better myself in every way possible. And I am so thankful that I am able to do whatever I want because I do not have any obligations to a boyfriend or husband or children, etc. I have met so many people already who have told me, “I’ve always wanted to go on a solo trip,” or “I would, but I can’t because of my children.” Of course it’s a blessing to have a family and children, but I also think it’s a shame when you are unable to do the things you truly want because of other people. So I just want to remind all my fellow single people out there to go do you and have faith that the right person for you will come to you at the right time. Don’t waste time looking for your life partner or being sad that you are still single at whatever age you are. Embrace YOUR life and hopefully one day we will all be able to celebrate our 60th anniversary with our husbands/wives.

Happy Monday everyone!

<3, jewlz