I’m going to South America!

So the day has finally come and I will be boarding on a plane to South America in less than two hours! Well, technically I’ll be flying to Fort Lauderdale first, but still! Words can’t express the feelings I’m feeling right now. So many emotions. The thought of not knowing what I’m about to embark is raising my anxiety level just a tad bit since I’m actually here at the airport realizing that I’ll be out of the country I’ve been in my whole entire life. But at the same time it excites me for all the great adventures I’m about to experience. I hope you will follow me on my journey and it inspires those of you who have always wanted to do something or go somewhere but have found excuses not to go or have been too scared to take the leap. Make it happen people! Commit to something today that you’ve always wanted to do and start making your way to it! 

Happy adventures!

<3, Jewlz 

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Make It Happen!

How many times have you said “I want to go there or I want to do that,” but have yet to put action to that thought? Well, don’t feel bad because that was me for forever and ever up until last year when I finally decided to make traveling a priority in my life! I would hear stories and see pictures of my friends or people who I’ve met who have traveled the world, yet the furthest I’ve gone was only Mexico. And that doesn’t really count when you’re from California. After I decided to make traveling a priority I basically watched my money, spent less on things I didn’t really need, started packing lunch for work, etc. I also roughly estimated how much I would need for the two trips I want to take this year and started saving a set dollar amount each paycheck. And now I am set to go to Peru and Bolivia in less than two weeks now! So if you’re in the same shoes and have always wanted to go somewhere (Machu Picchu for me), then make that commitment today and start making strides toward that goal!

Happy Monday, everyone!

<3, Jewlz