Road Trip Down South 

So I had a few days off from work so I decided to take a last minute roadtrip to visit my fam in Georgia and make it a trip to see some places I’ve been wanting to go to. My original plan was to visit my fam and then head over to NC to hike, but my plans changed and won’t allow me to hike anymore. That’s okay though cause I’ve been really enjoying the scenery here in the South. Here’s a snapshot of my trip so far:

This is the view from Rock City Gardens in Georgia/Tennessee

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Explore Your City

On my days off now I try to ride my bike more often and explore Orlando since it still feels like a new city to me. In August it will be a year since I’ve moved here and it is finally starting to grow on me. I can definitely appreciate the local movement out here. It’s nice to see a strong community that supports local businesses and I’ve come across some great spots so far. But today, I finally went biking on the Orlando Urban Trail, which is a paved trail that is great for bikers, runners, walkers, etc. It’s only about 3 miles, but it takes you to great parts of Orlando including the Mills50 district, Loch Haven Park, and other great areas! ¬†Here are some pictures from my bike ride today:

The beginning of the trail!

They even had a bike stand with tools and air pump! How awesome is that?? Good job, Orlando! Read More