Wednesday Wisdom

Hi, guys!

I just watched this short video on BigThink about Ethan Hawke’s thoughts on the power of speech, integrity, and how Donald Trump uses this power. A very thought-provoking piece to stimulate your mind. Watch it and let me know what you guys think!

Have a great day and happy hump day!

<3, jewlz

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Ana W

    Very interesting discussion. And I agree with Ethan in many aspects. I see where and why some people are in favor of Donald Trump. I have to be honest and admit that I do appreciate his candor and the fact that he doesn’t feel obligated to be politically correct all the time. We have gotten to a point as whole society in the US, where everyone is afraid to say anything just in case they might offend some one. But if we don’t stand for something and for our believes than we will inevitably fall for anything and that is a dangerous path. Because of Donald’s transparency, I KNOW that he is a racist and THAT I can not stand for, so thanks for letting us know Donald! I know racism still exists, and it might never fully go away, but we have come much too far to deter progress now.

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    1. hungryjewlz

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Ana! I definitely agree that Trump’s take on this election can be viewed as refreshing, but people definitely need to realize what he’s actually showing us like you said. His followers’ beliefs are so skewed.


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