Social Media

Is anyone else amazed at the power of social media? Not only do we live in a day and age of everything being instant; for example, the internet, to text messages, emails, face-timing with someone across the globe, but also being able to share content and interact with anybody in the world with a simple ‘#” or ‘@’ symbol (this is how I end up on Instagram for a lot longer than I should..hehe). A person with a large following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever other social media platform can easily share a piece of information that could have the possibility of becoming viral. It doesn’t even have to be someone famous or with a large following. This is why social media is so powerful. It can be used for so many positive things, yet can also be used negatively as well. For example, brand marketing. As a lot of you many know, companies market their brand by reaching out to popular and influential people on social media to share their brand in return for compensation or free merchandise. Now, I don’t think this is a bad thing because if you really like a brand, why not help promote it and share it with others? For example, if Apple reached out to me and offered me free stuff do you think I’d say no? Yeah, right! However, not everyone is honest and sometimes will promote things just for the money. This is where social media can get out of hand when the greed kicks in.

The main social media platform I use is Instagram because to me, it’s more like looking at art. I love looking at pictures, mainly travel photos, but also of other random pretty things. I follow cats too. But I will notice I will get random followers who don’t even like my pictures and then see them unfollow me a few days later (Thanks Iconosquare!). I mean seriously, do people really have that much time? I find it very annoying when people follow you or like your pictures just to get a follow back or like back. I only follow people who I truly enjoy their content for or who I think have awesome personalities. And the same goes for liking pictures. I only like pictures of pictures that I actually like! Please don’t follow me or like my pictures for the sole purpose of a follow back or like back. I don’t need that. This is one of the reasons I am NOT on Facebook. Because Facebook is an extreme version of Instagram with too many fakers for my taste. You know, having friends that are not really your friends and sharing content just for likes. It became like a popularity contest so I decided to delete Facebook and stick to Instagram because of its simplicity and really the art of it all. Twitter is also nice because it’s simple and straight to the point. Sorry if this is becoming a random rant, but I just wanted to share my observation of this thing called social media. Anyway, let’s continue to use social media for positive purposes. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket challenge? Although it was for a great purpose, I always wondered why the world couldn’t do that with world hunger, sex trafficking, or climate control? Celebrities and even political figures can have so much influence with the power of social media and I just hope that it will be used to spread positivity. I think that’s it about everything I wanted to say. Hope everyone had an awesome week! Enjoy the weekend! I’m off for the next couple days so I’ll be road tripping up to Georgia to visit my fam and hopefully will visit TN, NC, and SC as well! Stay tuned for some adventures. 🙂

<3, jewlz

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