On the way to the airport this morning, my work wife and I were talking about how fascinating airports can be. I find airports to be such an amazing place. People watching at its best. Wondering where people are going to or coming from, watching loved ones reunite, families fighting, business people, foreigners, etc. But all that tends to go away as soon as you board the plane when you realize you’re trapped on a plane with kids crying, annoying people talking as if nobody else is trying to sleep, mysterious scents trapped and circling in the cabin air, and here’s the best one, when you’re stuck sitting next to a person who has no manners. On the way to my first connecting flight I was so lucky to be able to sit next to a lady filing her nails. She just kept filing filing away as her nail dust collected onto her book on her lap. And all I could think was, “is this even real??” Like why would you start filing your nails in public and on a plane??? Couldn’t you have done this the night before your flight? I guess I could’ve given her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that it was a way to calm her anxieties, but seriously isn’t that gross? Or am I being over dramatic? Ugh. And the best part was when she finished filing her nails, she just went ahead and swept all of it to the floor. Yum. Haha anyway just thought I share with you my first travel story of my adventure to come. Currently waiting for my flight to Peru now! 

To be continued… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Airports

  1. Kama

    Have fun in Peru!

    I remember once when I had a transit back to Poland (around 2 hours flight) my eyes were really closing themselves, but I had a seat in a row with 2 ladies talking/nagging all the time. I couldn’t sleep at all 😦 Talking near me is the only thing that makes me unable to sleep. I’d switch for your lady. 😉 Despite how gross was that 😛

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